*Mega* Tutorial - BZ Homepage Banner - Part 2

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In this *mega* tutorial, you can learn to make cool backgrounds, sigs (signatures), banners, and wallpapers. Learn effects such as transparent lines and shapes, clouds filter in Paint Shop Pro (PSP), and scanlines and grids. This tutorial was written for Paint Shop Pro (PSP), but can probably be used for other versions as well.

Now it is time to add the text. Make a new layer by going to Layers- New Vector Layer , and name this layer "text". The font I used was Gunship and Courier. I made them white, and adjusted the opacity to make it blend in.

The next thing I did was add hexagons. I made them previously and saved them as a tube. Click here to download the hexagon tube, then save them to your tubes folder in you Paint Shop Pro (PSP) directory. Create a new Raster layer , and name the layer "hexagons". Click of the tube button , change the scaling to whatever you want( I used 100 and 50), zoom in and add them to wherever you want.

To make it look more high tech, I added small text to a few areas. Add a new vector layer , and name is "small text". Click the text tool . Now, copy a paragraph or two of any text(it could even be from this page), and change the size to 2. Preview and add carriage returns until you have the text block that you want.

The last step is to add high tech lines to the background. To do this, you first select the pencil tool with a width of 1, and then start doodling lines on the background. Make weird 3-D shapes to get the best effect. Last, adjust the opacity of the layer to about 17.


Congradulations! You have just created a cool banner! Use all of these techniques to create your own, stunning graphics. Good Luck!

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